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Our Strategic Vendors

CB Two Architects (CB2)
CB Two Architects (CB2)

Architectural Firm
Salem, Oregon

CB Two is an architectural firm specializing in commercial and senior housing projects and provides RCC’s primary architectural services. CB2 facilitates the entitlement, permitting, planning, engineering and design of the projects. A portion of CB2’s team has provided this role to one of the largest privately held senior housing companies in North America. CB2’s experience in entitlement, development and design spans 35 years and over 350 completed senior housing projects.

Warner Design
Warner Design

Interior Design
San Mateo, CA

Warner Design specializes in commercial and senior housing projects and provides RCC’s primary interior design services. The Warner team has 25 years of commercial and senior housing interior design experience.

CoAct Construction Advisors, LLC
CoAct Construction Advisors, LLC

Construction Management
Silverton, OR

CoAct Construction Advisors, LLC believes that construction management services pay for themselves through resultant savings in time, money and headaches. Our team is dedicated to successfully bridging the gap between our Clients and the complicated world of building, design and construction with the goal of helping quality projects get completed on time, within budget and with as few challenges as possible. CoAct Construction Advisors consists of experts in both design and construction and is dedicated to providing our Clients with the highest level of service possible.

Percipient Architecture, LLC.
Percipient Architecture, LLC.

Architectural Services
Silverton, Oregon

Percipient Architecture, LLC is dedicated to providing real-world design solutions to clients who value quality design, successful team-building and contemporary aesthetics. Every project receives our full attention as we aim to deliver high-quality and affordable design solutions for our ever-changing world. Brent Stuntzner AIA, founder and principal, has a diverse work and educational background, which includes a firm foundation in the construction trades. This combination of real-world experience and education helps Percipient build effective relationships between all members of the design and construction team.

Gerrand Rath Johnson
Gerrand Rath Johnson

Law Firm
Regina, Saskatchewan

Gerrand Rath Johnson provides legal review and consultation relating to offering memorandums, operating agreements, financial reporting, title and deed transfers and related easements, legal agreement preparation, employment handbook reviews, service contract reviews, vendor contract reviews and other related items.